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Full Service Law Firm in Houston, TX

Our attorneys have years of practice handling immigration, family, criminal, corporate, traffic and personal injury cases.

Personal Injury

Catastrophic Injuries, Wrongful Death, Automobile Accidents, Workplace Injuries, 18 Wheeler Accidents, Animal Attacks.

Criminal Law

Murders and Homicides, DWI, Theft, Domestic Violence, Assault and Aggravated Assault, Trespass, Sexual Crime, Drug Crime, Burglary, Robbery, Weapons Offenses, Probation Violation.

Family Law

Child Custody Litigation, Child Custody Move Away Litigation, Divorce Lawsuits, Grandparent Visitation Litigation, Guardianship Litigation, Seeking Child Support, Defending Against Child Support, Pre-nups.

Immigration Law

Residency, Citizenship, Bond Hearing for Detainees, Removal and Deportations, U Visas, Temporary Protected Status, VAWA.



It is simple. When you need an attorney, you want to know whether you will get the results in your case. We are a result-oriented firm. We have proven to be effective for our clients. We have increased their civil recovery in a personal injury case or we have been able to get criminal charges dismissed for them. That is why our clients refer their friends and family to us. We have represented over 12,000 clients to date, approximately 1000 clients a year.


If you have to fight against a big corporation, you need resources. We have access to financial and legal resources at our fingertips. In a personal injury case, we advance all the costs of proving our clients cases and do not do not recoup these expenses unless we are successful. When we accept a case, we do so knowing that we may have to expend significant resources on behalf of our clients.

Trial Skills.

If you have to fight a big company or the State, you need attorneys on your side who have experience in Courtroom. We are courtroom attorneys. If there is no settlement, we will not hesitate to try your case to jurors and get you the best possible result.


Competitive Pricing and Payment Plans

If you need help with personal injury case, you do not have to worry: We will upfront all your expense for you. If you need help with any other area of law, like Divorce or Traffic or Immigration: Do not worry! We make it affordable for you. You will have the choice of payment plans if your income qualifies for it. If you need legal help, we will make it happen. In fact, you can’t afford NOT to have it! Because of our affordable services, we cater to more than 1000 clients a year in the Houston area.

Communicating with Our Attorneys

After you have retained us, you will have full access to attorneys and staff of the firm. We pride in returning phone calls and email messages timely. We also encourage client meetings at the office whenever possible. Our 24/7 phone line will get you in contact with our office whenever you need us. Our resources and manpower makes you access our office at your convenience.

Diversified Practice

When have seen through our experience that legal problems do not discriminate. All people are equally vulnerable to legal trouble. Sometimes, one legal problem can lead into another. For example, a person who gets a traffic ticket for an accident may not only need an experienced traffic attorney but also a criminal defense attorney if the person has been charged with DWI. You do not have time to go to three different attorneys and there is no need to, if you go to one firm that handles all. Come to Basu Law Firm: One stop, that’s all.


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